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Worldwide Free Delivery of pedestrians safety reflectors.

Walk safely!

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  1. White Splash pedestrian reflector

    GLIMMIS white Splash
    € 5.00

  2. Round flower design pedestrian reflector (this product is the pink / aniline color reflector)

    Round Aniline
    € 5.00

  3. Glimmis red Lily on a bag

    GLIMMIS Red Lily
    € 5.00

  1. Glimmis purple Lily on a bag

    GLIMMIS Purple Lily
    € 5.00

  2. White romb on a bag

    GLIMMIS White Romb
    € 5.00

  3. Hello Kitty I

    Hello Kitty I
    € 5.00

  1. Hello Kitty III pedestrian reflector from Glimmis

    Hello Kitty III pedestrian reflector
    € 5.00

  2. Hello Kitty II pedestrian reflector from Glimmis

    Hello Kitty II pedestrian reflector
    € 5.00

  3. Glimmis Babe pedestrian safety reflector

    GLIMMIS Babe
    € 5.00

  1. Glimmis splash! pedestrian reflector

    GLIMMIS grey Splash
    € 5.00

  2. Little My pedestrian reflector

    Little MY
    € 5.00

  3. LifeSaver Bug design pedestrian reflector

    LifeSaver Bug
    € 9.00

  1. Glimmis Hearts pedestrian safety reflector

    GLIMMIS Hearts Valentines day special
    € 5.00

  2. Glimmis grey star pedestrian reflector

    GLIMMIS Grey Star
    € 5.00

  3. Coreflect Purple pedestrian reflector with small ball chain

    Purple Love Valnetines day special
    € 4.00

  1. White Star

    GLIMMIS White Star
    € 5.00

  2. Coreflect Black Pirate pedestrian reflector

    Black Pirate
    € 4.00

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Welcome to the ReflectorWorld!

Here you can buy a pedestrian safety reflector that might save your life some day. A CE-certified reflector helps to make you visible on the road up to three times further away. We have the biggest selection pedestrian safety reflectors!

It is easy to buy your own pedestrian reflector online:

  • Just 5 easy steps and the lifesaver is yours
  • 15-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the reflector you can return it 
  • We have a wide variety of different reflectors from all over the world. Pick your favorite one from lots of different designs
  • Reflectors have been tested and are CE-certified according to the EN13356 standard
  • Worldwide Free Delivery
Make yourself and your loved ones shine!

What is a pedestrian safety reflector?


To see the full collection of our cool safety reflectors check out the menu on the top.

Soft Reflectors - these are pedestrian safety reflectors that are made of soft material produced by 3M. This is currently the most popular type of pedestrian reflectors - many companies design and produce them currently.

Prism Reflectors - these are the reflectors produced by Coreplast comapny (previously known as TALMU) and are the oldest type of pedestrian reflectors - invented more than 40 years ago in Finland. Made of hard plastic and they are the most sold reflectors in the world. More than half of the Finnisth population use reflectors and this is the reason why Finland has one of the lowest pedestrian accidents ratest in the world.

Brooch Reflectors - these reflectors really make you stand out in the crowd. Take a look and you can see how design and safety are brought together.

When wearing pedestrian reflectors make sure that they are visible from all sides. Reflective gear like that helps you to be visible in the dark.


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